Ancestors of Edward Arthur Roberts 1893-1966

My maternal grandfather Edward Arthur Roberts was born in England and arrived in Australia in 1910 with his parents Edward Roberts and Abigail ‘Maud’ Courtney and younger brother James.  Whilst born in England, Ted was proudly Australian, better known as E.A. Roberts, or just ‘Ted’. He married twice, his first wife Flora dying in childbirth in 1917. He married again in 1925 to Mona Veronica Murphy with whom he had seven children, who Ted often referred to as his ‘Seven Little Australians’.

It has long been thought Teds paternal grandparents were Edward Roberts b1841 and Ann Laundon.  His grandmothers family said to go back to France, originally ‘de’ Laundon, but most of their documented ancestry is in Leicestershire, England. Ted’s father Edward Roberts was born in England in 1869 and mostly lived Gloucestershire, Kent but always said at one time he was a boy soldier in India – this is yet to be confirmed. Whilst we have extensive documented ancestry of Edward Roberts b1841 (the second husband of Ann Laundon), DNA results now suggest Edward b1869 may have had a different father, neither of his mother’s two husbands, but a man named Edmund Dye from Westerham, Kent.

Teds maternal grandfather was George William Arthur Courtenay/Courtney a bit of a mystery man said to have been born in Middlesex, London. His maternal grandmother Abigail Paice was mainly of English descent from Hampshire. His mother Abigail Courtney was said to have had a ‘touch of Irish in her make up’, we suspect this may be from her mystery fathers side. George’s origins remain unclear and are the subject of extensive genetic research, so much so I have a research blog dedicated to finding him refer – ‘Finding George Courtney, c1835‘.

Other names that might be connected to his mystery line are Webster, Rudd, Muggeridge, Reneson, Restieaux, Rositer, Hall, Williams, Taylor, Fisher, probably from Middlesex, London.

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  • DNA analysis has confirmed that his parents and two grandmothers are correctly identified;
  • DNA analysis suggests his paternal grandfather is Edmund DYE , not one of his mothers two husbands (Thomas Baker or Edward Roberts);
  • Further work is being undertaken to verify the origins of his maternal grandfather Arthur George Courtenay b1835.
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His parents:

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  • Ancestors of Abigail Ann ‘Maud’ Courtney 1871-1925

His grandparents:

Featured image: Ted and Mona with 6 of their children, c1931.

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