Ancestors of Ann Laundon 1835- 1912

Ann Laundon was my maternal second great grandmother. Ann married twice and had three children with her first husband Thomas Baker. Ann separated from Thomas some time between 1865 and 1871 and did not marry Edward Roberts until 1878, presumably Thomas may have died by then. Her fourth child was Edward Roberts (my great grandfather) born in 1869, always thought to be a child of her second husband. His birth registration states his father was Thomas Baker but he was always known as Edward Roberts and Roberts was used as his middle name on his birth certificate. DNA analysis however suggests that Edward may have had a different father altogether with the possible surname of Dye.

Ann’s fathers side, is believed to have come from France, their name said to originally be ‘de’ Laundon, but most of their documented ancestry to date is in Leicestershire, England. We believe they are closely related to another Laundon family who were based in nearby Northamptonshire. The Smith’s were from the small village of Knossington part of the Church Langton area of Leicestershire.

Ann’s mother side, the Lee’s, also came from Northamptonshire mainly the village of Lilbourne. Her maternal grandmother Sarah Cave is believed to be descended from the prestigious Cave family of Stamford and the Hull family of the manor of Aston Flamville, near Hinckley Leicestershire, England.

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