My Family

The following chart outlines my immediate family tree. Click on the surnames in the list on the right to view the Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) @

For more information:

  • Click on the links in the pedigree shown above to go directly to each ancestors biography page at Wikitree;
  • To view a tree showing up to 254 ancestors, including locations, click here;
  • Access a list of all my ancestral surnames here;
  • Each of the lines up to my grandparents have been DNA confirmed;
  • Further generations have also been DNA confirmed, refer to My DNA Confirmations page.

Projects relating to my family:

Other family trees:

  • My Wikitree pedigree contains the most accurate tree, including DNA confirmed ancestry;
  • My Ancestry tree may contain more information and is the most up to date. It does however include DNA research trees which are not yet connected to my main tree. Please note: you need a subscription to access this tree;
  • My trees at Family Search, My Heritage and Geni may not include recent changes as a result of DNA Research.

Alternatively, information about my family can be accessed via the menu page on this blog – click on the ‘three parallel lines’ on the top left hand corner. Make sure you click on the ‘down arrows’ to view the sub items under each ancestor.