Ancestors of Joan Patricia Roberts

My mother was one of seven children known as the ‘Seven Little Australians‘, this project is aimed at exploring the ancestry of their parents. Their father Edward ‘Ted’ Roberts was born in England but proudly Australian, enlisting in the AIF only a few years after his arrival. Ted told everyone he was born in St Peters, but neglected to be specific about exactly which one! He kept up the charade until his death in 1966 being given a State funeral with an Australian flag on his coffin. His wife Mona Veronica Murphy who so often identified with Ireland, was to my surprise a 2nd generation Australian.

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  • For more detail on Joans life, see her biography at Wikitree;
  • Click on the links in the pedigree shown above to go directly to each ancestors biography page at Wikitree;
  • To view a tree showing up to 254 ancestors, including locations, click here;
  • Access a list of Joan’s ancestral surnames here;
  • If you have a subscription, you can also view the tree at Ancestry;
  • DNA analysis has confirmed that my mothers four grandparents are correct;
  • You can view a photo collage of her life at You Tube.

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