About me

I have always been interested in the history of our family and still have copies of early pedigree charts I drew as a child. However, I only seriously began working on my genealogy in about 2006 after the death of my Uncle Laurie when I inherited his research. Funny that I chose the name genemonkey for my username back then, little did I know that I would develop an intense interest in DNA research down the track. At that time only the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests were available.  However, in 2010 when FTDNA released the Family Finder product I was quick to sign up as I had been keen to try to verify several theories associated with my ancestry. I became addicted quite quickly and have been working obsessively with my DNA results ever since.

In 2011, I completed a Certificate in Genealogical Research with the Society of Australian Genealogists whilst I was living in a remote parts of Australia: Katherine, Alice Springs and Darwin. In 2015, as a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, I was instrumental in instigating the DNA Research Group based in Sydney. I ran the group for nearly six years, I enjoyed helping other members and it was a great way to increase my knowledge of the fascinating field of genetic genealogy.  I continue to run chromosome analysis and other sessions for the society.

I am an administrator for a range of FTDNA projects including the Coats, Cassidy and Courtney Surnames, Brittons of Ireland, Moyriesk and Rathclooney (County Clare) and County Wexford.

I am also on the Executive for the Cassidy Clan and hold the position of DNA Officer. The featured image on this page was taken in Enniskillen Fermanagh, Ireland in 2011, the ancestral home of my CASSIDY family.

I am also an ambassador for Wikitree (the free family history site) where I publish my genealogical research and outcomes of my genetic research.  Click on the buttons below to view a summary of my family lines and DNA confirmations. My ever growing chromosome map can also be accessed at DNA Painter.

In 2023, I was appointed as a Fellow of the Society of Australian Genealogists, in particular for my contributions in building the genetic research capability within the Society.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form on this blog (see menu) or by private message at Wikitree, Ancestry or Facebook.