Ancestors of John Leonard Coat

My father was one of two children born to parents Leonard ‘Len’ Coat and Thelma ‘Thel’ Irene Griffin, his younger sister named Jill. This project is aimed at exploring the ancestry of their parents. Both Len and Thel’s families were early immigrants to South Australia, the first arriving from England in 1847. Whilst Thelma never knew who her father was, we now know his family were also early immigrants to South Australia arriving from Prussia in 1855.

For more information:

  • For more detail on Johns life, see his biography at Wikitree;
  • Click on the links in the pedigree shown above to go directly to each ancestors biography page at Wikitree;
  • To view a tree showing up to 254 ancestors, including locations, click here;
  • Access a list of John’s ancestral surnames here;
  • If you have a subscription, you can also view the tree at Ancestry;
  • DNA analysis has confirmed that my fathers four grandparents are correct. We may never know the exact name of his maternal grandfather, but my money’s on Otto! Read the blogpost below, or view my presentation on You Tube.

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